Our Agreements

ARTOC Suez for Technical Services successfully cooperates with many foreign companies working in different industries, to deliver the best operations and technical solutions to fully satisfy the requirements of our customers. Our partners provide some of the best products and services from across the world:

Country Company name Field of activity
Czech Republic Tesla Electronic systems, water treatment plants,
power energy equipment, GIS substations
  Sherlog Security pipelines, car monitoring  
  CKD Special Eastern radar system upgrading, penetrators, power generators, black boxes, airport lighting, 4×4 armored vehicles  
  Eltodo Airport lighting, city lighting, substations  
  Calibra Indicators, control systems, feeder vibratory engineering, construction units  
  Omnipol Flight training devices  
China Shanghai Hangfu Airdrome equipment
  NanJing Raise Nation Anti riot equipment, shields, batons  
  GTC Pipes, Fittings & Valves for Oil & Gas
Russia Sukhoi Be-103 aircraft
  ELEVATORPRODMASHSTROY Providers of grain storage facilities flour mills ,feed mills and milk processing production lines  
  Rostlesmash Major Russian manufacturers of agriculture machinery, mainly combine harvesters, tractors, forage harvesters, augers, mowers, sprayers and spreaders.  
  Algont Engineering, production and deployment of intelligent security systems ensuring comprehensive security of facilities  
  Machinery & Industrial Group Major Russian manufacturer of construction equipment  
Slovakia Lotn Overhaul of L39 jets
Turkey Mansur DIS Ticaret LTD Flour milling equipment
  AlBayari Megaphone, shields, batons  
USA Multitrade International X-ray detection equipment, rescue products, motors and gears
Ukraine Naftogaz Oil exploration
  Nauka Naftogaz Seismic data processing and interpretation  
  Kuman LTD 2D&3D seismic survey, GPS survey, drilling  
  Zakordonnaftogaz Oil exploration, drilling, wells work, pipeline  
  Panorama LLC Casing, tubing, drill collars, rotary keels  
  Interpipe Pipes for oil drilling companies  
Spain Electrans Upgrading & Developing railway level crossings
United Kingdom Martin Baker Ejection seats and spare parts
  Nightsearcher LTD Panther HID  
  AMS Systems Engineering LTD   Aircraft movement systems, taxiways  
  Snorkel Indoor & outdoor aerial lift devices