Our Projects

ARTOC Suez for Technical Services is deeply experienced in many fields:
» Heavy equipment » Engineering equipment »
Military equipment/ spare parts:
- Air defense equipment
- Armament and ammunition
- Armour
- Engineering equipment
- Air force
» Power/Energy services » Security systems  
» Air control systems » Flight simulators  
» Pilot training » Petroleum services & equipment  
» Electro optical systems » Communication and tracking systems  

Turn key projects:

ARTOC Suez Projects
» Sewage Water treatment with multiple capacity
» Sea water desalination
» Environmental improvement




ARTOC Suez for Technical Services works in close cooperation with the government and governmental authorities, and therefore is often the main participant in governmental biddings. We are glad to provide our international and Egyptian customers with the best possible products and technologies to make a contribution to the development of our society as a whole.

The following are some examples of our work:


Year Customer Service
From 2001 Egyptian Air force Authorities Supply of ejection seats and all related spare parts
2006 "Maasara" Industrial Engineering Co. Supply of two folding crane
2007 MOI Supply of 320 Octavia A4 Combi cars for Patrol & SOS Security Vehicle
2007 Egyptian Airport Company Repairing of E-One Firefighter Titan HRR 4x4
2008 Mukawalun El Arab Co. Supply of two mechanical Hammers Toku TCB-130 & Toku TPB-60
2008 Naftogaz of Ukraine Supply of Steel Pipes
2009 Alexandria Refractory Company Supply of engines and gearboxes
2009 Petroleum Marine Services Supply of offshore scaffolding equipment & fittings
2010 GPC Casing pipes
2011 South Dabaa Casing pipes
2012 GPC Casing pipes
2013 GPC, South Dabaa & Petrogulf Casing pipes & Joint tubing
2014 Egyptian Air Force ,GPC, Petrosannan & South Dabaa Spare parts for ejection seat and Casing pipes